D.C. Coast To Coast is proud to have been one of only a few internet radio stations that participated in the GLOBAL COOPERATION FOR WORLD PEACE Saturday, October 4th. This milestone event featured INDIE ARTISTS around the globe that shared their music and their thoughts & wishes promoting WORLD PEACE. GLOBAL COOPERATION was initiated by Liz Greenwell and we were SO thankful to be asked to be a part of this special event. We were so moved by the broadcast that we decided to keep the spirit of world peace alive by continuing to air the video messages of peace around the world through the holidays and into the new year 2015 to make it a new year of hope for world wide peace. INDIE ARTISTS from all over the world come together as one to promote UNITY around the world for peace because EVERY person alive on this earth is really of ONE race........the HUMAN race. 

If you are an Indie Artist on D.C. Coast To Coast, or a VIEWER of the show, we invite you to send us YOUR video message sharing your thoughts & wishes for world peace. It can be anywhere up to 3 minutes long and be sure and mention D.C. Coast To Coast during your message. Please email your videos to dc@dccoasttocoast.com and if it is a big file you can email it as a zip file through Dropbox which is free