Submit Songs

 If you have STUDIO QUALITY original songs recorded that you would like us to consider for airing, submit them in mp3 format. There is NO LIMIT to the amount of songs you send in one submission.  We have only 2 rules for submissions. Songs must be your original music of STUDIO QUALITY and with NO EXPLICIT LYRICS. If you are a brand new artist submitting music for the first time, we also need your BEST promo picture and website links where your new fans that hear you on D.C. Coast To Coast can go to where they can buy your music. Email everything to "D.C. Coast To Coast" takes great pride in programming that is safe for ALL ears. Any genre of music is welcome as long as it is not offensive to listeners.

We're excited to announce that if you donate $50 or more  we'll include an interview to be recorded  on ZOOM for a future broadcast!!! So you would have to join ZOOM (which is free like Skype but much better quality with NO dropped calls) so we can connect to record the interview. ALL Indie Artists who donate $50 or more will not only get the interview but will also get airplay on Radio Indie International in Italy. This offer doesn't apply to Rock or Heavy Metal Music. Radio Indie International does NOT spin these genres of music. But DC Coast To Coast will.
Donating is NOT required to get airplay on DC Coast To Coast. SEND US YOUR SUBMISSIONS. We make absolutely NOTHING here at DC Coast To Coast except for occasional donations from viewers & artists who appreciate what we do.