Welcome to "D.C. Coast To Coast DJ Services" with your host "D.C. Hathaway", where you'll hear ALL your favorite songs from the greatest artists of ALL genres of familiar music across the globe!! From time to time you'll even some of the greatest INDEPENDENT music of ALL genres from around the globe in support of artists looking for exposure who CAN'T get airplay on mainstream radio.
DC Hathaway will provide a memorable experience for YOUR event such as weddings, dances, banquets, private parties, etc.
This site is undergoing changes because we no longer focus on a radio show. We are now focused on unforgettable DJ Services.


D.C. Coast To Coast DJ Services is dedicated to audiences looking to have a GREAT time. We GUARANTEE you'll  like what you hear. If you'd like to become a PARTNER OF DC COAST TO COAST please go to the PARTNERS OF DC COAST TO COAST page of this website to learn more. Be sure and visit our Facebook page below that is ALSO going through changes because we've changed our focus of being a radio show to providing the public with great memories of your upcoming event


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